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The DWI Defense Attorney- What You Need To Know

It is very important to have a good DUI defense attorney if you have just been charged with a OWI offence. Such charges should be taken with a great deal of seriousness and heading to court without the right legal representative can prove to be a very big mistake. Whether you are guilty, or not, you will need a good defense attorney to handle your case.


A good DWI defense attorney will access your case and the proof against you. Sometimes law enforcement may have overstepped their boundaries when arresting you. A competent lawyer will find this out and be able to show the court that your rights were violated and that there is no case against you. Without proper legal counsel, you will be at the mercy of the court even if your rights were violated.


Sometimes there is no way around a guilty verdict, no matter how good your DWI defense attorney is. This is where you need an attorney with the ability to do some damage control. Losing your license, high fines, and jail time are all things that can affect your daily life, including your family and work. Even if this is your first drinking and driving offense, trying to go to court without a lawyer could seriously cost you time, money, and stress. These will no doubt affect your job, your family, and even your health. Is it worth the risk?

Absolutely not.


You’ll want an attorney that specializes in DUI cases. Don’t be fooled into hiring a general practitioner to represent you in court. That is a big mistake. A DWI lawyer that handles cases like your regularly is more versed in the laws and the ins and outs of drunk driving cases. This is what you want. You don’t want the lawyer that is representing you winging it in the court room. You simply can’t afford to have somebody learning as they go along fighting for you.


Looking for the least expensive lawyer is another huge mistake when it comes to mounting a defense. You only get one chance to win your case, and hiring the cheapest lawyer is not likely to be the best answer. If that is what you choose to do, there is a high chance of you coming away from your case with jail time to serve, steep fines, and a revoked license. Besides the costs of the fines, add in the income you will lose from your job if your employer fires you due to the charges against you. Hiring a cheap DWI defense attorney will likely cost you far more in the end.


There is nothing to put off or ignore when it comes to a OWI charge. In order to have a chance at winning your case, you must choose your law firm as soon as possible after your arrest. You must also make sure that the attorney you have chosen is the best. This is the only way you will have a chance of winning in the courtroom, as well as the opportunity to get on with your life when the proceedings are finished.


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