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Welcome To The Leading Criminal Attorney Law Specialist


If you are under investigation or charged with an offense that requires you to attend court proceedings, it’s important that you seek help from an experienced criminal attorney who understands court and police matters.

We understand that our clients need criminal attorneys who can represent companies, company directors as well as private individuals. A reputable lawyer should be able to help clients who are in all forms of serious criminal offenses, and even other minor offenses including road traffic cases. Our lawyers expertly act for clients with criminal freezing orders seizure and search orders.

Our area of expertise


Our team of dedicated criminal attorneys will help you in all matters of crime, including:

· Fraud

· Breach of court orders

· Dangerous or careless driving

· Speeding

· Drug offenses and drunk driving

· Theft

· Infringement warrant


Our promise as a criminal attorney


The complexities of the legal system confuse many clients. We will not just listen to your situation but also simplify for you the process.


We give our clients clear, practical and comprehensive advice about their situation, including:

· How you’re supposed to deal with it

· What you are expected to pay

· How you should best prepare for court proceedings

· Whether or not you should plead guilty

· What penalties may apply

· We will also advice you on whether to appeal or not


Why choose us


We offer our criminal law services at a relatively cheaper cost. This is despite the fact that our team of criminal attorneys offers the highest level of legal services as well as personal support.


We deeply commit ourselves, as a criminal attorney to helping our clients in what may often be very difficult and extremely challenging personal circumstance. When we represent you in high profile cases, we will make sure that your names aren’t leaked into the media. On occasions when you cannot avoid media attention, we go out of our way to ensure any media coverage remains benign.


In addition, we have the resources to offer urgent help especially in situations where time is of essence. We will do everything in our power to offer emergency assistance. We normally achieve this by teaming up with the local duty solicitors for frequent routine police appointments. We’ve got great working relationships with leading forensic accountants and criminal barristers among other experts.


Criminal Defense Attorneys Des Moines